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About Us

Toesty Sheets are for everyone. Those who dread making their bed, are bed-ridden, or who have mobility limitations that make it difficult to lift a mattress and tuck sheets in place will find comfort knowing the sheets go on once and stay where they belong.
Organic Bed Sheets

Who Am I

I enjoy “smart” in my life. For an item to be “smart” it needs to make its task easy and enjoyable. When I find a product that makes a chore more manageable, while at the same time being beautiful, I need to have it.
How did I come up with Toesty Sheets? An accident is all it takes: having accidentally packed two fitted sheets for one of our family vacations, I made-do with what I had. I then realized why don’t I have a top sheet with an elastic bottom that will make bed-making faster and easier, that’s when I thought, “These would be great! How do I not have these?” And, just maybe, I can get my boys to finally make a bed without whining! The problem was their top sheet would never stay on overnight, plus, their bed was up against a wall making it hard to tuck in a regular flat sheet. This new sheet combination was, simply put, smart.
In 2018, I decided to launch the business. I secured my top sheet design patent and 100% certified organic cotton selections while running my freelance design business, renovating my own home, and receiving an education degree. Like every mom, I’m busy and don’t have time for chores, so anything that can help make my life simpler is a win for me. No more bed-making struggles.