Life of an entrepreneur.

Now more than ever, more people are starting their own businesses. We see it every day on social media and hear about it in podcasts—but starting a business isn’t always working on your own schedule and being your own boss.

When we set out to make Toesty Sheets, we knew that our journey would be full of challenges, learning opportunities, and a lot of fun—and we were right! Let’s discuss the reality of bringing Toesty Sheets to the masses.


Entrepreneur Starting a Startup: Challenges and Laughs Along the Way

Running a business isn’t easy, but starting a business is a whole different game. When we started Toesty Sheets in 2018, it took two full years before we were even ready to start producing them. Between research, meetings, and business planning, it took a lot to get the ball rolling. Then, when we finally got moving, COVID-19 shut down our manufacturing!

But that’s just life, isn’t it? No matter what happens, we still have to get up and make the bed in the morning—so we did.

We built Toesty Sheets to provide organic bedding solutions that make sleeping and making the bed easier—but it turns out that this was just the start. Creating a startup means wearing a lot of different hats. Some of them we look great in, and some of them are simply not our style. We laughed off the confusion, learning curves, and mistakes and kept moving!

In-House Branding: We’re Not All Experts—But We Have Fun

A large part of building a company revolves around branding, especially in the social media age. To create our Toesty Sheets ads, images, and branding, we had to get a little creative. Fortunately, Toesty Sheets was started by a designer!

Currently, our Toesty Sheets content for social media is all being shot in the bedrooms of different friends. We don’t have studios to work with or any major workspace to work in, so we make do with what we have and have fun doing it. Now, we all get to laugh knowing that our bedrooms are more internet famous than we will ever be!

Sharing Our Message

Some days, running a business will make you feel like you are trapped on a rollercoaster and you just want to get off—but then the universe rewards you for it. We’re using options like live events on Market, free social media accounts, and working with partners, like HarvestHosts, to share our sheets with as many people as we can. Of course, nothing feels better than seeing happy customers posting about us online!

Customer Support Makes it Worth It

It doesn’t matter how bad of a day you have as a business owner, one positive comment from a customer can turn it all around. When people tell us that they love how easy and comfortable our sheets are, we love to hear it.

When they tell us we solved a problem for them, made their lives easier, or saved a marriage between two people who both love to hoard the covers—we feel even better. Every message from our customers helps us to remember why we put in the work every day. We are committed to making great sheets, but you all really make it worth it in the end.

Thank You for Choosing Toesty Sheets!

Toesty Sheets started as an idea and has grown into a patent, partnerships, and loads of happy customers. We are so grateful for our journey—the good, the bad, the ugly, and the really ugly too—because of the amazing people who make it all possible.

“We have so many people to be thankful for and so many people to thank,” says Toesty Sheets CEO Michele Wytas. “I am so grateful to have the support of friends who go out of their way to help with everything I need, a family that deals with my personal brand of crazy and always lifts me up, and the support of my mentors, like Small Business of CT, who help me to learn, grow, and rise to each new business challenge. It takes a village—and Toesty Sheets is surrounded by love and helping hands!”

Going forward, our team will continue to provide exceptional semi-fitted top sheets that simplify your morning routine and keep your toes nice and Toesty in the days to come. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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