Sleeping in an RV: Change Camping into Glamping – What You Need To Know About RV Bedding

Snoozing in an RV can be cozy and fun or an absolute nightmare—find out how to make sleeping in an RV a pleasant experience.

An RV can act as a home away from home on the road, but it does come with some unique challenges. When you are sleeping in an RV, you have quite a few decisions to make—and your decisions can lead to a great experience or a truly terrible one. In this article, we will explore how you can improve bedtime in your RV. 

Glamping Challenges Every RV Traveler Deals With

  • Sleeping in an RV can be a really frustrating experience if you make the wrong choices. Countless RV owners have hit the road just to find out that their bed situation is downright terrible.  

    Living in such a small space, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is really easy to make a mess—and you’ll learn very quickly that limited space does not make for a comfortable bed-making process. Trying to put sheets for bunk beds on in these tight spaces is rough, after all.

    Choosing to skip the bed and opt for a sleeping bag can be tempting, but it is also not the best decision because it adds unnecessary wear and tear to your sleeping bag and sleeping bags are fairly difficult to clean. 


How to Improve Your RV Glamping Experience

Everyone has little things that they do and don’t like about the RV experience. The ability to travel anywhere? Yes, please! Struggling to make your bed in tight spaces? No, thank you! Some chores in RVs can leave you wondering if you should have just stayed home—but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

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These hacks can take you much closer to improving your RV experience—but at Toesty Sheets, we have one specific hack that can change the game: a semi-fitted top sheet!


The One Bedding Choice that Will Change Camping into Glamping

During childhood, most of us learn that making the bed can be a total pain in the…well, you know. It isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite chore, but in an RV, making the bed can turn into a mental and physical battle that will make you want to just give up and go home. At least, this is true if you don’t know the peace and serenity that semi-fitted top sheets for RVs can bring. To support you, we offer practical, no-nonsense sheets that allow you to have less chores and more adventures! 

At Toesty Sheets, we are like-minded people who love heading outdoors on adventures with family and friends. We love where we live—even on the road! This is why we make no-tuck top sheets that are designed to turn making your bed into a process that you can actually enjoy. Our organic top sheets stay fitted at the bottom, making it so all you have to do is smooth them out in the morning with one simple tug and pull your blanket nice and tight. To support natural spaces, we even offer organic, plastic-free solutions with recyclable packaging. 

Our sheets are easy to wash (way easier than a sleeping bag) and perfect for making the bed in tight spaces. With our simple slip-on design, all you have to do is put the sheet on once and enjoy countless nights of comfort and rest with no fear that your sheets will get tangled up or leave you pinned to a tiny RV bed. Take the gymnastics out of making the bed, and enjoy easy and comfortable sleep while you are on the road by choosing the right sheets.