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Learning to wash cotton sheets is easy. Besides, there is nothing like layering yourself in the coolness of freshly laundered 100 percent organic percale. Whether a chilly evening bundled under blankets or a summer nap, a luxury bedding set separates your skin from the mattress and the blankets layered on top of you. Importantly, they help protect by applying a removable layer between you and your mattress. Body oils, lotions, dirt, and dead skin cells wash away instead of resting on your puffy sleeper.

Like anything you love, giving special attention will prolong the life of your sheets. Our luxury bed sheets will grow softer with a tad more care, ensuring you continue to enjoy them for years. Our weave count, a high 400, confirms the fabric will grow more soothing, with a little more wrinkles, but that only comes naturally with age.

While you can professionally launder our product, home care provides all the cleaning you need. Cold or warm water offers the best cotton sheet wash. Like an ice bath waking up your skin, a cold water rinse for percale makes it perfectly perky.

Before placing your set into the dryer, untangle the wet bed sheets and gently place before tumbling on low. This assists in mitigating any wrinkles which may occur while tossing in the drying drum. Furthermore, your cotton should be dried separately from other materials, as the weight can create unwanted folds.

How to wash cotton sheets for less wrinkles

Drying Instructions for Organic Cotton Sheets

Wrinkle Reduction for Percale Sheets

One hundred percent organic cotton wrinkles. It’s a fact. To make a prettier bed and craft a smoother appearance without ironing, we recommend these simple steps (Have a spray bottle filled with water or a favorite linen spray at the ready):

By following these easy care instructions to wash cotton sheets, they will keep you cool and comfortable for years to come.