About Us

Toesty Sheets offers semi-fitted top sheets that are perfect for everyone. Whether you dread making the bed, are sick of fighting your sheets, have mobility limitations, or just want to simplify making the bed in the morning, we help you get the benefits of a top sheet while giving your toes room to breathe!

Who Am I

I’m Michele Wytas, and I am the founder of Toesty Sheets.

My inspiration for creating Toesty Sheets came when I accidentally packed two fitted sheets on a family vacation. I ended up combining them to cover the bed—and the Toesty Sheets semi-fitted top sheet was born.

After creating this solution, I realized just how many people could benefit from it. As a designer, I am used to bringing unique ideas to life, and I have used all of my professional skills, as well as all of my knowledge as a mom, to create sheets that really just make it easier to make the most of your bed.

Toesty Sheets was launched in 2018. Following some mishaps with productions during the pandemic, Toesty Sheets is back on track and growing thanks to our many lovely customers.

Who am I? I’m the person who is here to simplify your bed-making routine!

The "Toesty" Difference

Toesty Sheets offers a unique semi-fitted top sheet design that you cannot find anywhere else on the market. With an elastic bottom and a loose top, you can tuck your semi-fitted sheet in and trust that it will stay in place.

With our unique approach to sheet design, we make it so you can skip the daily heavy lifting of tucking in your top sheet and allow your toes to wiggle and breathe while you sleep. Perfect for sleeping alone and with others, the Toesty Sheets difference is one you can feel.


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