Yes, Your Bed Needs a Top Sheet—Here’s Why

For ages, the masses have debated the relevancy of the top sheet and its role in bed making. Top sheet vs no top sheet is a discussion that comes with quite a few opinions. Some people love their top sheets and consider them a valued member of their linens collection. Others are against the top sheet because they can wind themselves up while you sleep, complicating the bed-making process. In this article, we are going to explore the true benefits a modern top sheet can bring—and why your bed deserves one.

They Improve Your Aesthetic

  • There are few things better than climbing into a well-made bed after a long day, but it is even better when the bed looks nice too. Top sheets have been used as a valuable decor feature for some time, offering that perfect splash of color when you fold over your comforter. A folded top sheet is the perfect finish to any bedding.


They Provide Excellent Temperature Control

People often find themselves with different temperature needs at night. These needs can be dictated by the temperature that you keep your home at, the temperature that you are personally comfortable at, and even the weather outside. Trying to chase these changes with your heater or air conditioner can really drive up your energy bill, and nobody wants that. Fortunately, your top sheet is here to save the day.

The colder months can really drop the temperature of your home, and not everyone wants to have the heat running all night long. A top sheet can provide an added layer of insulation and keep you comfortable at night, even when it is chilly outside.

 During those warmer months, your comforter might just be a bit much. Having a top sheet can allow you to stay covered and protected with a light layer when it is warmer at night. It is a great way to enjoy the comfort of a comforter without all of that extra insulation. 

They Protect Your Comforter

One of the most important roles of a top sheet is the protection of your duvet or comforter. When you use a top sheet, you are placing a clean layer between you and your comforter. This means that you can keep your comforter nice and clean for significantly longer.

You might think that your comforter is big and strong, but the truth is that comforters and duvets are actually vulnerable. They often require a very specific cleaning process, and overwashing can cause quite a bit of damage—or lead to costly bills. Your top sheet can be washed as often as you like, all while protecting your comforter. Trust us, your comforter will appreciate the additional support. 

A good top sheet isn’t just good for comforter protection either. Top sheets can improve your relationship with your comforter too. It is much easier to clean sheets than your comforter, so the right sheet set can make your household chores quick and easy—and who doesn’t love that?


The Top Sheet Has Been Reinvented

The biggest complaint about top sheets is always that they add more work when you make the bed. Traditional top sheets can get tangled and pushed to the bottom of the bed—and that’s why we reinvented them. We knew that top sheets were good, but we also knew that they could be great.

Our no-tuck top sheet is organic and made to support healthy living and better habits. Designed to stay in place all night long, making your bed is as easy as ever. With our remade Toesty Sheets, you can get all of the benefits with none of the setbacks. Our sheets are fitted at the bottom and nice and loose at the top, keeping you comfortable while also keeping your top sheet under control. It’s time to bring the top sheet back into your life (or upgrade it at the very least).