Toesty Sheets Receives New Grants To Help Launch New Sizes

Toesty Sheets Receives New Grants To Help Launch New Sizes

Toesty Sheets is Getting Ready to Launch With New Inventory–and You All Made It Possible!

After five long years of hard work and research, Toesty Sheets is officially ready to take its next step forward with a brand-new inventory! An upcoming launch with new sizes and colors is just around the corner.

Let’s dive in and explore what has made this exciting new launch possible!

Early Designs and Funding

The early years of running a business are always confusing, especially when you throw a global pandemic into the mix. When I first launched Toesty Sheets, I knew that it would take time and a lot of hard work—and I was right!

To bring Toesty Sheets to life, I bootstrapped the initial $50,000 on the first run to sell the first 1,000 units, and I took every cent that I made and put it back into the fund to support the next run. To this day, I haven’t taken a dime of the money earned from Toesty Sheets, and I am glad!

As the proud owner of this startup, I have given Toesty Sheets my all. From designing and redesigning to make the perfect sheet to putting in what feels like about a million hours of work to bring it to life while learning from my mistakes–knowing our sheets can change lives has kept me striving to support this business.

Now, we are ready to bring a whole new line of incredible sheets to keep you cozy in your beds. Toesty Sheets began as a dream, and we are once again ready to help you enjoy a great night’s rest and plenty of good dreams too!

A New Toesty Sheets Inventory is Coming—Here’s What You Can Expect

After countless hours of work to make the perfect designs for Toesty Sheets, we are officially ready to launch with a whole new set of exciting options. We are including four new sizes and two new color options in this next round.

For sizes, we are expanding our line to include Split King for those over 50, Queen RV Short for the RV community, XL Twin for college students, and CA King for those who just want a little something special.

Our designs will also be available in two new colors—blue and grey!

What Makes Our New Inventory Possible?

Our inventory is coming to life thanks to a series of funding opportunities that we are so thankful for. First, you all helped us prepare for this launch by helping Toesty Sheets to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter, and we could not be more grateful.

Next, we received a grant for $20,000 from SeCter to support our new inventory, bringing us to a total of $30,000 to support this new line—but it didn’t stop there.

This week, we learned that Toesty Sheets has also been selected to receive another $10,000 grant to support us even more!

Prepare to Keep Your Toes Toesty!

Words cannot describe how incredible it feels to see so much funding coming in after working so hard to launch Toesty Sheets with my own investments. It is truly amazing to see the love and support our sheets are bringing, and I can’t wait to see where this startup goes next.

One thing is for sure—we will be keeping your toes free, comfortable, and Toesty.

Thank you to everyone for the love and support you have shown our growing brand. We are so grateful for our friends, family, customers, and mentors. You all have made Toesty Sheets possible, and we can’t wait to share our new lines!

Success in Building a Great Product – Behind the Scenes with Entrepreneur Michele Wytas

Success in Building a Great Product – Behind the Scenes with Entrepreneur Michele Wytas

Life of an entrepreneur.

Now more than ever, more people are starting their own businesses. We see it every day on social media and hear about it in podcasts—but starting a business isn’t always working on your own schedule and being your own boss.

When we set out to make Toesty Sheets, we knew that our journey would be full of challenges, learning opportunities, and a lot of fun—and we were right! Let’s discuss the reality of bringing Toesty Sheets to the masses.


Entrepreneur Starting a Startup: Challenges and Laughs Along the Way

Running a business isn’t easy, but starting a business is a whole different game. When we started Toesty Sheets in 2018, it took two full years before we were even ready to start producing them. Between research, meetings, and business planning, it took a lot to get the ball rolling. Then, when we finally got moving, COVID-19 shut down our manufacturing!

But that’s just life, isn’t it? No matter what happens, we still have to get up and make the bed in the morning—so we did.

We built Toesty Sheets to provide organic bedding solutions that make sleeping and making the bed easier—but it turns out that this was just the start. Creating a startup means wearing a lot of different hats. Some of them we look great in, and some of them are simply not our style. We laughed off the confusion, learning curves, and mistakes and kept moving!

In-House Branding: We’re Not All Experts—But We Have Fun

A large part of building a company revolves around branding, especially in the social media age. To create our Toesty Sheets ads, images, and branding, we had to get a little creative. Fortunately, Toesty Sheets was started by a designer!

Currently, our Toesty Sheets content for social media is all being shot in the bedrooms of different friends. We don’t have studios to work with or any major workspace to work in, so we make do with what we have and have fun doing it. Now, we all get to laugh knowing that our bedrooms are more internet famous than we will ever be!

Sharing Our Message

Some days, running a business will make you feel like you are trapped on a rollercoaster and you just want to get off—but then the universe rewards you for it. We’re using options like live events on Market, free social media accounts, and working with partners, like HarvestHosts, to share our sheets with as many people as we can. Of course, nothing feels better than seeing happy customers posting about us online!

Customer Support Makes it Worth It

It doesn’t matter how bad of a day you have as a business owner, one positive comment from a customer can turn it all around. When people tell us that they love how easy and comfortable our sheets are, we love to hear it.

When they tell us we solved a problem for them, made their lives easier, or saved a marriage between two people who both love to hoard the covers—we feel even better. Every message from our customers helps us to remember why we put in the work every day. We are committed to making great sheets, but you all really make it worth it in the end.

Thank You for Choosing Toesty Sheets!

Toesty Sheets started as an idea and has grown into a patent, partnerships, and loads of happy customers. We are so grateful for our journey—the good, the bad, the ugly, and the really ugly too—because of the amazing people who make it all possible.

“We have so many people to be thankful for and so many people to thank,” says Toesty Sheets CEO Michele Wytas. “I am so grateful to have the support of friends who go out of their way to help with everything I need, a family that deals with my personal brand of crazy and always lifts me up, and the support of my mentors, like Small Business of CT, who help me to learn, grow, and rise to each new business challenge. It takes a village—and Toesty Sheets is surrounded by love and helping hands!”

Going forward, our team will continue to provide exceptional semi-fitted top sheets that simplify your morning routine and keep your toes nice and Toesty in the days to come. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Entrepreneur Articles

Tucking Into Her Entrepreneurial Journey

Tucking Into Her Entrepreneurial Journey

Entrepreneur Michele Wytas shares about transitioning her idea into a reality and launching her business, Toesty Sheets, an innovative semi-fitted top sheet that stays in place and doesn’t require any tucking.

“I’ve made plenty of mistakes but part of business is learning from them—and knowing that if this doesn’t work, I’ll come up with something else. The key is learning these skills and lessons to keep the business growing.“

Give us a little background. Have you always been entrepreneurial?

This is my second business. I’m also a freelance designer. My background is in digital design and animation, so the things I’ve created get shown and then kind of disappear. I always thought I’d like to design something more tangible.

How did you come up with the concept for Toesty Sheets?

The idea came to me one weekend when I was staying in my summer home. I accidentally brought two fitted sheets—and I like having a top sheet. I ended up hooking the bottom of the fitted sheet and pulling it up like a top sheet. My makeshift top sheet stayed put all night.

At the time, my kids were younger and they would typically lose their top sheets every night, even after I’d tucked them in. After that night in the summer home, I thought it would be great to create a top sheet like this that could stay in place.

How did you discover additional niches?

When my father ended up in a convalescent home, I noticed he had a hard time getting comfortable in bed. He couldn’t sit up well and his sheets were constantly getting untucked or tangled. I realized the elderly were another viable market—and it could be a useful product for others too.

Toesty Sheets are well-suited for those who dislike making the bed for themselves or their family, those who are bedridden, or those with mobility limitations that make it challenging to lift a mattress and tuck sheets in place.

When did you launch the business?

I started in 2018. I came up with the sheet design and then I spent two years doing research to make sure the idea was viable, getting a business plan together, securing a patent, making samples and tech packs, and then finding a manufacturer. With my background, I designed everything from the logo to the website.

Did you utilize any local business resources?

I accessed SCORE and the Connecticut Small Business Development Center (CTSBDC). The mentors at the CTSBDC helped me register the business and perform market research to examine trends and ensure my product will be viable. The CTSBDC also connected me wherever they could along the way. They’re a useful resource. Without them I would’ve been lost.

How did you start manufacturing the product?

I had started making the tech packs and samples. I knew I needed to find a manufacturer, which was challenging because I don’t know anything about the manufacturing industry. I’ve never made anything like this before. And it’s risky because you’re sending thousands of dollars to a manufacturer and hoping they make your product the way you intended.

Originally, I wanted the manufacturing to be done in the United States, but I ended up choosing a fantastic company in India. They grow all their cotton there and they do beautiful work. They’ve been helpful in walking me through the manufacturing process and answering all my questions.

What other challenges have you encountered?

When the pandemic hit, manufacturing was halted, so that slowed production. My next challenge has been marketing and getting people to see the product and become familiar with it. It’s not that easy, but once people see the sheets and understand the concept they love it.

I’ve brought Toesty Sheets to farmer’s markets and some bigger shows and spent time listening to my audience, so I’ve gotten to know my demographic. It’s been a long learning process but now the business is slowly growing.

Any lessons or advice for others?

Tom Hanks said, “If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.” I agree. It is hard but I know in my heart I’ve created a great product.

The other thing about entrepreneurship is, you have your ups and downs. There are days you want to give up and then you have highs like this, where someone asks to interview you. Or you get a sale or a customer writes some positive feedback. Those highs give you that push for the next thing.

What’s next?

With manufacturing, you’re required to manufacture a certain amount. Because I bootstrapped everything myself, we had to choose one color and one size. Now I’d like to start another run. I’ll probably launch a Kickstarter for that, so we can offer new colors and different sizes.

I have a goal I’d like to reach in mind. I also set a timestamp of five years to see where this business goes. If it doesn’t succeed like I want it to, then at least I know I tried. Because the worst thing I could do is not create the product and then see it somewhere else later or say, “What if?” I’m not a “what if?” person. I’m someone who’s going to try.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes but part of business is learning from them—and knowing that if this doesn’t work, I’ll come up with something else. The key is learning these skills and lessons to keep the business growing.
Announcing the Toesty Sheets Partnership with Harvest Hosts

Announcing the Toesty Sheets Partnership with Harvest Hosts

At Toesty Sheets, there is nothing that we love more than helping outdoorsy people just like us to get outside without losing the comforts of home. We’ve been working hard to reach more RV lovers and travelers who want a nice and comfortable bed at night, which is why we are so excited to announce our new partnership with Harvest Hosts! Harvest Hosts is a brand that is dedicated to luxury RV travel at an affordable price. Let’s talk through this exciting new change.

What is Harvest Hosts?

Harvest Hosts offers an incredible RV membership that lets you park your RV in a ton of beautiful places. While RV travelers used to find themselves confined to parking lots—a huge contrast to the amazing sights and sounds you experience on the road—Harvest Hosts is here to change that.

This group is here to make sure that your RV experience is truly special. How? By giving you unlimited access to a bunch of completely amazing camping locations all around the United States. With their membership, you can say goodbye to those pesky camping fees and hello to overnight stays in amazing locations, like wineries, breweries, golf courses—and even museums!


Why Are We So Excited About This Partnership?

Sure, we’re enthusiastic about sustainable, comfortable, and easy-to-manage sheets—but we’re the kind of people who like to look at the big picture. Would you rather be using your favorite Toesty Sheets in a boring old parking lot, or would you rather rest and unwind at a beautiful and scenic location?

As outdoors lovers and RV enthusiasts ourselves, we are always excited about any new development that makes these experiences better. Harvest Hosts offers an online program that allows anyone to instantly upgrade their travel experience. Don’t get us wrong, we love cozy sheets—but we’re even more excited about the other ways that our community is growing, and we think that Harvest Hosts is playing a very important role. Together, we’re here to make sure that you always have an incredible time when you are on the road—no matter where you are.

How RVers Are Supporting Small Businesses

The modern community of RVers is full of people who are dedicated to seeing the beauty that this world has to offer. We love this about our community, and we love that the community has begun to focus on empowering small businesses and focusing on sustainability efforts too.

Already, so many RVers just like you are giving to small businesses and supporting the dreams of people all around the world. We love a community that gives back, and we are so glad that so many of you have chosen to support our woman-owned small business. In exchange, we promise to protect your toes and make RV life a little easier!

The Takeaway

We believe in organic living, eliminating plastic waste, and getting outside. Harvest Hosts is here to help you find the perfect place to rest during your travels, and we’re here to make your bed on the road even better than the one back home. To get the most out of your RV travels, find the perfect spot with Harvest Hosts and make your bed with Toesty Sheets!


Articles from Harvest Hosts

Glamping- What You Need to Know About Bedding

Glamping- What You Need to Know About Bedding

Sleeping in an RV: Change Camping into Glamping – What You Need To Know About RV Bedding

Snoozing in an RV can be cozy and fun or an absolute nightmare—find out how to make sleeping in an RV a pleasant experience.

An RV can act as a home away from home on the road, but it does come with some unique challenges. When you are sleeping in an RV, you have quite a few decisions to make—and your decisions can lead to a great experience or a truly terrible one. In this article, we will explore how you can improve bedtime in your RV. 

Glamping Challenges Every RV Traveler Deals With

  • Sleeping in an RV can be a really frustrating experience if you make the wrong choices. Countless RV owners have hit the road just to find out that their bed situation is downright terrible.  

    Living in such a small space, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is really easy to make a mess—and you’ll learn very quickly that limited space does not make for a comfortable bed-making process. Trying to put sheets for bunk beds on in these tight spaces is rough, after all.

    Choosing to skip the bed and opt for a sleeping bag can be tempting, but it is also not the best decision because it adds unnecessary wear and tear to your sleeping bag and sleeping bags are fairly difficult to clean. 


How to Improve Your RV Glamping Experience

Everyone has little things that they do and don’t like about the RV experience. The ability to travel anywhere? Yes, please! Struggling to make your bed in tight spaces? No, thank you! Some chores in RVs can leave you wondering if you should have just stayed home—but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

To improve your experience, you can find a collection of tips from RV pros here:

·      37 RV Hacks That Will Make You a Happy Camper

·      18 Quick and Easy RV Hacks

·      RV Tips and Tricks: 20 Hacks Every Camper Should Know

·      Harvest Hosts

These hacks can take you much closer to improving your RV experience—but at Toesty Sheets, we have one specific hack that can change the game: a semi-fitted top sheet!


The One Bedding Choice that Will Change Camping into Glamping

During childhood, most of us learn that making the bed can be a total pain in the…well, you know. It isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite chore, but in an RV, making the bed can turn into a mental and physical battle that will make you want to just give up and go home. At least, this is true if you don’t know the peace and serenity that semi-fitted top sheets for RVs can bring. To support you, we offer practical, no-nonsense sheets that allow you to have less chores and more adventures! 

At Toesty Sheets, we are like-minded people who love heading outdoors on adventures with family and friends. We love where we live—even on the road! This is why we make no-tuck top sheets that are designed to turn making your bed into a process that you can actually enjoy. Our organic top sheets stay fitted at the bottom, making it so all you have to do is smooth them out in the morning with one simple tug and pull your blanket nice and tight. To support natural spaces, we even offer organic, plastic-free solutions with recyclable packaging. 

Our sheets are easy to wash (way easier than a sleeping bag) and perfect for making the bed in tight spaces. With our simple slip-on design, all you have to do is put the sheet on once and enjoy countless nights of comfort and rest with no fear that your sheets will get tangled up or leave you pinned to a tiny RV bed. Take the gymnastics out of making the bed, and enjoy easy and comfortable sleep while you are on the road by choosing the right sheets.

Yes, Your Bed Needs a Top Sheet—Here’s Why

Yes, Your Bed Needs a Top Sheet—Here’s Why

Yes, Your Bed Needs a Top Sheet—Here’s Why

For ages, the masses have debated the relevancy of the top sheet and its role in bed making. Top sheet vs no top sheet is a discussion that comes with quite a few opinions. Some people love their top sheets and consider them a valued member of their linens collection. Others are against the top sheet because they can wind themselves up while you sleep, complicating the bed-making process. In this article, we are going to explore the true benefits a modern top sheet can bring—and why your bed deserves one.

They Improve Your Aesthetic

  • There are few things better than climbing into a well-made bed after a long day, but it is even better when the bed looks nice too. Top sheets have been used as a valuable decor feature for some time, offering that perfect splash of color when you fold over your comforter. A folded top sheet is the perfect finish to any bedding.


They Provide Excellent Temperature Control

People often find themselves with different temperature needs at night. These needs can be dictated by the temperature that you keep your home at, the temperature that you are personally comfortable at, and even the weather outside. Trying to chase these changes with your heater or air conditioner can really drive up your energy bill, and nobody wants that. Fortunately, your top sheet is here to save the day.

The colder months can really drop the temperature of your home, and not everyone wants to have the heat running all night long. A top sheet can provide an added layer of insulation and keep you comfortable at night, even when it is chilly outside.

 During those warmer months, your comforter might just be a bit much. Having a top sheet can allow you to stay covered and protected with a light layer when it is warmer at night. It is a great way to enjoy the comfort of a comforter without all of that extra insulation. 

They Protect Your Comforter

One of the most important roles of a top sheet is the protection of your duvet or comforter. When you use a top sheet, you are placing a clean layer between you and your comforter. This means that you can keep your comforter nice and clean for significantly longer.

You might think that your comforter is big and strong, but the truth is that comforters and duvets are actually vulnerable. They often require a very specific cleaning process, and overwashing can cause quite a bit of damage—or lead to costly bills. Your top sheet can be washed as often as you like, all while protecting your comforter. Trust us, your comforter will appreciate the additional support. 

A good top sheet isn’t just good for comforter protection either. Top sheets can improve your relationship with your comforter too. It is much easier to clean sheets than your comforter, so the right sheet set can make your household chores quick and easy—and who doesn’t love that?


The Top Sheet Has Been Reinvented

The biggest complaint about top sheets is always that they add more work when you make the bed. Traditional top sheets can get tangled and pushed to the bottom of the bed—and that’s why we reinvented them. We knew that top sheets were good, but we also knew that they could be great.

Our no-tuck top sheet is organic and made to support healthy living and better habits. Designed to stay in place all night long, making your bed is as easy as ever. With our remade Toesty Sheets, you can get all of the benefits with none of the setbacks. Our sheets are fitted at the bottom and nice and loose at the top, keeping you comfortable while also keeping your top sheet under control. It’s time to bring the top sheet back into your life (or upgrade it at the very least).

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